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120 bodies discovered at Jabalia refugee camp

Subject: URGENT: Sanctions Needs Now / URGENT: Mass Deaths at Jabalia Camp / URGENT: 120 bodies discovered at Jabalia refugee camp / Israeli bulldozes cemetery / Israel Obliterates Jabalia Refugee Camp / Immediate Sanctions Needed: Genocidal Actions / Jabalia Refugee Camp Made Uninhabitable / in Response to Genocidal Actions at Jabalia Refugee Camp

Dear [Elected Official / Candidate’s Name], 

I am writing to you to urgently call for immediate sanctions in response to the horrific and genocidal actions committed by the Israeli military in the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza. Over the past three weeks, Israel has carried out a full ground invasion of the camp, resulting in unprecedented destruction and loss of life.

In recent days, ambulances and civil defence crews have uncovered 50 more bodies in the northern Gaza camp, bringing the total number discovered to 120. These include the skulls of men, women, and children who have completely decomposed, among them a decapitated child. The devastation is further evidenced by videos verified by Al Jazeera, which show residents walking among the destroyed remnants of their homes and shelters. The footage depicts decomposing bodies strewn in the streets after Israeli forces bulldozed a cemetery in the al-Faluja area, scattering the remains in the surrounding alleys.

An official at the Jabalia Refugee Camp told Al Jazeera, “What we found in Jabalia camp is different from everything we saw in the past, total destruction as you can see, the state of destruction cannot be described. I do not know where the displaced will go; there are no places now for people in the northern Gaza Strip province.”

The Israeli offensive commenced just hours after issuing forced displacement orders. Throughout the three-week incursion, the Israeli military forcibly uprooted and targeted Palestinian civilians. Residential neighbourhoods and other civilian objects were subjected to intensive and indiscriminate artillery attacks, flagrantly violating international laws regarding proportionality, military necessity, and precautionary measures. Additionally, Israel targeted shelter centres, UNRWA-affiliated medical and food centres, UNRWA-funded water wells, and completely destroyed six schools.

A field inspection by Euro-Med Human Rights Watch of the conditions in the Jabalia camp after the withdrawal of Israeli forces revealed that not a single residential building was spared from bombing, bulldozing, or burning operations. The remaining necessities of life, housing, and survival in the camp have been completely obliterated.

A resident at the Jabalia Refugee Camp described the situation, stating, “The destruction here is like 50 earthquakes hit the area. The exit of the occupation forces from this area does not mean anything because the area is no longer habitable.”

The United Nations describes genocide as a crime committed with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, in whole or in part. The obliteration of Jabalia refugee camp exemplifies this definition in action.

Given the gravity of these genocidal actions, I urge you to advocate for immediate and decisive sanctions against Israel. It is imperative to ensure a ceasefire and allow the full access of international humanitarian aid to Gaza. The international community must take concrete action to stop these atrocities and uphold the principles of human rights and international law.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter. I look forward to your prompt and decisive action in support of the fundamental rights and dignity of the people of Gaza.

Your constituent,

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