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Airdrop Food Into Northern Gaza

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Dear … 

I trust you are fully aware of the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, as a result of Israel’s continued siege, with Palestinians across the territory facing severe starvation and teetering on the edge of famine.

The United Nations recently described how the children of Gaza are being starved at the fastest rate the world has ever seen. With Israel blocking and even bombing aid trucks, these state actions are a deliberate act to starve the people of Palestine, who are protected by international law.

A month has passed since the International Court of Justice mandated “immediate and effective measures” to safeguard Palestinians in Gaza from the threat of genocide, ensuring they receive adequate humanitarian support and access to fundamental services. Despite this, Israel has not taken the necessary steps to adhere to this directive, as reported by Amnesty International.

No aid convoys have reached the northern areas of Gaza since the 23rd of January, leading to distressing footage of people eating grass & animal feed alongside footage of Palestinians (including babies) dying from hunger as Israel intentionally prevents aid from getting through, leaving over 300,000 Palestinians in the north without essential supplies.

Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians, particularly after the events of the 7th of October, is not only disgraceful but also highlights the increasing instances of war crimes and merit to the ongoing investigation of genocide at the ICJ.

It is disheartening to note that many MPs seem unconcerned about the escalating death toll in Gaza, which, according to EuroMed Human Rights Watch, is now approaching 40,000.

Moreover, there are also more than 100 Israeli hostages who will also be suffering from starvation. We have seen the riots in Tel Aviv over the last week as it has become clear the Israeli government has no interest in a ceasefire or the release of the hostages despite the best efforts of mediators from America, Egypt, and Qatar.

On the 21st of February, the UK, in partnership with Jordan, successfully conducted airdrops of aid into Tal Al-Hawa Hospital in northern Gaza. This act of solidarity demonstrates our capacity to prevent 300,000 Palestinians from starvation. Whilst aid is the least effective way to deliver food, as long as Israel continues to restrict access for humanitarian trucks, we must urgently proceed with further aid drops.

Many MPs hold the view that the Israeli government is infallible. Therefore, I anticipate that you will have full confidence that bringing this to parliament and beginning immediate drops will not be stopped by the Israeli government and there will be no obstacles in allowing the UK to initiate immediate aid and food distribution.

With each passing minute of inaction, more innocent lives are lost. This tragedy is not accidental, and as representatives of the British people, it is your collective responsibility as MPs to intervene promptly to halt this famine, initiate aid access, and call for a ceasefire.

I remind you that Israel is currently under trial for genocide at the ICJ, we have a duty to protect the people of Palestine, and failure to do so implicates our government. As your constituent, I have documented all our correspondence, and I expect you to take immediate action in halting Israel from entering Rafah, and immediately beginning food and aid drops.

I look forward to seeing you pioneering this initiative on behalf of the British people.

Your constituent,