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Ceasefire Vote - 21st February

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On Wednesday, the SNP will bring a ceasefire vote to Parliament in a bid to support an end to military action in Gaza. As my elected MP, I urge you to vote in favour of a ceasefire.

Palestinian civilians are disproportionately affected by Israel’s military campaign, consisting of 92% of fatalities in Gaza. As the recent escalation moves into the fifth month of violence, more than 14,000 Palestinian children have been killed, in addition to the 36 Israeli children on Oct 7. The daily death rate in Gaza is higher than any major 21st-century conflict, with the Palestinian civilian death toll now totalling 33,590. This must end.

A ceasefire is essential for the safe and essential delivery of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, where over a million Palestinians have now been displaced from their homes as refugees. Despite the International Court of Justice ordering increased aid delivery into the area, Israel has continued to restrict access, including the bombing of a UNWRA aid truck on 5th February.

A ceasefire is also essential for medical assistance and support to the thousands of injured. Israel has bombed 28 hospitals and 153 ambulances. On 18th January, Israel also bombed a medical compound in Gaza housing British doctors.

Words of caution from Western leaders have been ignored, and the international community rallying to enforce an immediate ceasefire is essential. Sanctions must be implemented to ensure Israel’s siege of Gaza does not continue, particularly during the ICJ’s investigation into Israel committing genocide.

Vote for a ceasefire.

Your constituent,