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Israel Bombs 4 Schools in 4 Days

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Dear [Elected Official’s Name],

I am writing to urgently request immediate sanctions against Israel to enforce a ceasefire following the fourth consecutive day of Israeli airstrikes on schools in Gaza. The latest targeted attack, on Tuesday 9th July, saw Israeli forces bomb the al-Awda school in Khan Younis, killing at least 30 people and wounding more than 50.

The school grounds were filled with thousands of displaced Palestinians, captured on video enjoying a momentary reprieve, playing and watching a football match when the attack took place. This direct targeting demonstrates a clear intent by Israeli forces to target civilians. There was no warning and no consideration for the vital educational infrastructure or the welfare of the thousands of men, women, and children who were clearly visible.

The recent massacre follows attacks by Israeli forces on six other displacement camps in central Gaza, raising the total death toll to at least 60 in the past few hours, according to reports from the media office.

The inaction of governments to hold Israel to account over the past 9 months has enabled them to continue to act with impunity, giving way to the now daily targeting of schools by Israeli forces. More than 50 Palestinians have been directly killed by Israeli attacks on schools in 4 days across Nuseirat, Gaza City and Abassan.

This latest airstrike comes amidst the ongoing collapse of Gaza’s healthcare sector. Israeli attacks have forced almost all hospitals to fully or partially suspend their services, ensuring thousands of injured will succumb to their wounds. Nasser Hospital is currently overwhelmed with the bodies of injured and dying Palestinians from the most recent massacre. Individuals lie helplessly across the hospital floors, awaiting any assistance they can receive. Their bodies are burnt, torn, and bleeding. This tragic scene has become a daily occurrence in Gaza as Israel continues its systematic campaign.

In no circumstances is it acceptable to bomb a school, yet Israel continues to target every educational facility in Gaza with apparent impunity. The international community must take action.

The ongoing catastrophe has been allowed to continue and escalate for nine months. Words of caution and restraint have never been sufficient in the face of the level of destruction we have seen consistently over this period. I implore you to take decisive action.

You must enforce an immediate and unconditional ceasefire, through sanctions against Israel. This includes a full arms and trade embargo. I also call on you to urgently recognise the state of Palestine, and uphold the equal rights and dignity of all Palestinians under international law.

Please take immediate action to address this humanitarian catastrophe.

Your constituent,

[Your Name]

[Your Address]