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Israel bombs another School

Subject: Israel bombs another School / Israel bombs school children / Israeli strike targets schools and children / Stop Israel bombing schools / Sanction Israel for targeting schools 

Dear [Recipient’s Name], 

I am writing to urge immediate action regarding the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, where Israeli strikes have specifically targeted schools, resulting in the deaths of innocent children and the destruction of educational facilities. This targeted aggression is not only a grave violation of international law but also a deliberate assault on the future of Palestinian society.

Recently, Israeli strikes in Gaza killed at least 15 children at the Fatima al-Zahraa school in eastern Gaza City, where women and children were seeking shelter. According to NBC News, the footage from the school is “too disturbing to share” due to the state of the children’s bodies. Mahmoud Basal, spokesman for civil defence in Gaza, stated, “All of the martyrs are children, and a woman, the mother of those children.”

Since the start of the genocide in Gaza, Israel has strategically bombed or damaged at least 429 schools. This includes the complete eradication of every university in Gaza and the mass killings of school teachers and students. Bombing schools is a flagrant war crime and contributes to Israel’s goal of making Gaza unliveable.

Out of the 563 school buildings in Gaza, by March 2024, 212 had received direct hits or were in areas designated for evacuation by the Israeli military. Data from the United Nations indicates that 62 schools were directly targeted in the southern Khan Younis governorate, 14 in the Middle Area governorate, 94 in Gaza governorate, and 42 in North Gaza governorate.

Despite the relentless attacks on education, courageous teachers continue to hold small classes in the rubble of bombed schools and in tents across the Gaza Strip, determined to continue the children’s education. Sadly, refugee camp tents have also been targeted by Israeli forces.

This systematic targeting of schools is not self-defence; it is a deliberate and heinous war crime. It is imperative that we do not allow these actions to go unpunished.

I urge you to implement sanctions against Israel for its continued aggression and targeting of civilians, particularly children and essential healthcare and educational facilities. It is crucial to support international efforts to prosecute individuals responsible for these war crimes, ensuring that those who orchestrate and carry out these attacks are held accountable.

Words alone are insufficient. Concrete action is necessary to halt Israel’s criminal actions and to pave the way for a lasting peace. By failing to take action, we enable the continuation of this annihilation. As my elected representative, you bear a responsibility to uphold international law and protect the fundamental rights and dignity of the Palestinian people.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. I look forward to your prompt and decisive action.

Your constituent,

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