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Jabalia Refugee Camp Under Attack / Israel Bombing Jabalia Refugee Camp

Subject: Jabalia Refugee Camp Under Attack / Israel Bombing Jabalia Refugee Camp 

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing to you to urgently address the ever-escalating crisis in the Gaza Strip, particularly the recent ground invasion into the Jabalia Refugee camp by Israeli forces.

As the world’s attention remains focused on Israel’s assault in Rafah, Israeli forces have launched a ground invasion into the densely populated Jabalia Refugee camp. Over 100,000 Palestinians have been ordered to evacuate from this area, one of the most densely populated regions in Gaza, however nowhere is safe to take refuge.

Eyewitness accounts describe a night of relentless bombing, with more than 100 airstrikes reported in the North, predominantly targeting the Jabalia Refugee camp. Disturbing reports of atrocities are emerging, including Israeli tanks and troops advancing further into the camp and besieging six evacuation centres where Palestinians desperately attempt to flee.

Al Jazeera has documented instances of occupation forces obstructing access to medical assistance by firing upon ambulances, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation. Preventing access to medical aid is against international law, and is something we have repeatedly seen Israel do, including the bombing and targeting of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Surrounding evacuation centres, bombing a refugee camp, and firing tanks on men, women, and children trapped in the north is not self-defence. This constitutes a heinous war crime designed to increase civilian casualties which, with deliberate targeting of healthcare facilities, guarantees increased fatalities. This is all deliberate. It is essential to remember that refugee camps are meant to be protected areas, and the targeting of civilians, including women and children, is unacceptable under any circumstances.

Reports indicate that people in the North are surviving on only 200 Calories a day, resorting to drinking seawater to stay alive. Jabalia Refugee camp has already been bombed and invaded by occupation forces multiple times, resulting in massacres and civilian casualties. Emerging footage shows children trapped under rubble and families lying dead in the streets. It is imperative that immediate action is taken to stop our country’s support of this genocide.

Since October 7th, airstrikes have continuously targeted areas in the northern Gaza Strip. While media attention rightly focuses on Rafah, it’s crucial to remember that every area of the strip is under attack, with no safe zones for Palestinians to seek refuge. As hundreds of thousands move into Khan Yunus from Rafah, the people in the northern areas find themselves completely trapped, unable to pass new checkpoints illegally set up on the outskirts of Gaza City.

And now, as Israel assaults Jabalia again, Palestinians are trapped with no place to go.

We cannot permit these war crimes to continue any longer. Israel must not be enabled to act with impunity. Words alone are insufficient; we must demand concrete action to hold Israel accountable for its actions.

I implore you to take immediate steps to halt ALL arms sales to Israel, sanction the apartheid state, implement a two-way trade embargo and freeze all overseas assets belonging to the rogue state. Failure to act in the face of this grave humanitarian crisis is not acceptable. As my elected official, you bear a responsibility to halt this genocide and lend your voice to ending this atrocity.

Your constituent,

[Full Name]
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