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  1. Ahmed’s Murder
  2. The Horror of Ahmed’s Murder 
  3. Ahmed’s Story Must Be Heard
  4. A Childs Backpack: A Symbol of Gaza’s Suffering

Dear [MP NAME],

I am writing to you today with a heavy heart, deeply disturbed by a recent incident that underscores the urgent need for action in addressing the ongoing slaughter in Gaza.

A harrowing account has emerged of an 11-year-old boy in Gaza who carried his little brother’s lifeless and shattered body to the hospital in his backpack. The scene is unimaginable, with blood dripping from the backpack as the elder brother, barely a child himself, struggles to comprehend the tragedy unfolding before him.

“I asked if the boy was okay and then saw that there was blood dripping from his backpack, which he was carrying against his chest. He asked “Do you know what I have here?”. I asked “What do you have there?” I was very scared when I saw the drops of blood falling from the backpack. He replied “My little brother Ahmed.” – Al Jazeera Journalist, Youmna El Sayed.

The IDF killed this child, and over 15,000 other children in the past six months.

This wasn’t an accident, or a random consequence of war; it is a policy from the Israeli government of genocide, one focused on killing, disabling, disfiguring and psychologically destroying as many children as possible.

The details of this incident are nothing short of horrifying, painting a vivid picture of the sheer devastation and loss experienced by innocent civilians, particularly children, in Gaza. The world cannot afford to remain indifferent to such unspeakable suffering.

This tragic event serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. As representatives of our communities, it is incumbent upon us to speak out against injustice and advocate for the protection of innocent lives.

I urge you to back the implementation of immediate sanctions against Israel to enforce a ceasefire in Gaza, and call for concrete measures to address the root causes of violence and oppression in the region. Additionally, I implore you to press for accountability for those responsible for human rights violations.

Many weeks have now passed since the UN Security Council voted for an immediate ceasefire and the start of hostage returns—a proposition to which Hamas has agreed—however Israel refuses to comply still. Israel’s non-compliance, despite being on trial for genocide at The Hague and ignoring pleas from its closest allies, underscores its rogue status. The vote did not call for a ceasefire to be conditional on the exchange of any hostages, meaning there is no excuse for refusing its implementation.

The evidence of genocide being committed is becoming ever more irrefutable, as leading Israeli politicians continue to use rhetoric of genocidal intent and the government announces plans that require the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Gaza. I write to you today to ensure that you cannot claim ignorance of these facts. The urgency and severity of these war crimes cannot be overstated, and it is imperative that we act with conviction and clarity in response.

Sanctions are needed NOW, alongside a full arms embargo and permanent change to policies around Israel while it continues to operate what Amnesty International describes as an Apartheid State.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I eagerly await your response and to working together towards a brighter and more hopeful future for the people of Gaza.


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