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Prosecute Israeli War Criminals

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Prosecute Israeli War Crimes/Criminals/Leaders
Support War Crimes Investigation/Prosecutions/Arrests
Hold War Criminals Accountable
Support the ICC/International Criminal Court


As your constituent I urge you to support the International Criminal Court’s investigation and prosecutions of war crimes by the Israeli government.

You will have seen the ICC’s prosecutor state that “we need the law more than ever” in their statement on the current situation in Palestine, and through witnessing the disregard for the lives and rights of the Palestinian people it is impossible to disagree.

This statement was also followed by a ICC filing from several Palestinian rights groups, calling for the investigation and prosecution of Israeli leaders for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The organisations are represented by Emmanuel Daoud, who you may be familiar with after his successful filing against Russian leaders for crimes in Ukraine.

All lives are equal, and we must condemn war crimes and prosecute their perpetrators equally – regardless of who is committing them. The scale of the bombardment of Gaza and the unconscionable loss of civilian life requires immediate action, and this ICC filing is a step to stop those responsible and hold them to account.

I urge you to support the ICC’s investigation and prosecution of war crimes, and a full ceasefire that sees an end to violence in the West Bank and Gaza, and the release of all Israeli and Palestinian hostages.

Your constituent,