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Rescue Teams Unable to Reach Injured in Rafah

Subject: Rescue Teams Unable to Reach Injured in Rafah / No Hospitals in Rafah /  Vital Infrastructure Obliterated in Rafah / Urgent Call for Sanctions to Force Ceasefire and Aid Access in Gaza

Dear [Elected Official / Candidate’s Name],

I am writing to call on you to take immediate action in response to the catastrophic situation in Rafah and the wider Gaza Strip. Israeli forces are currently conducting relentless assaults by land, air, and sea, resulting in the obliteration of vital residential, cultural and medical infrastructure.

Journalists, healthcare workers, and paramedics report that they cannot reach certain areas in Rafah due to Israel’s direct targeting of healthcare workers and injured civilians, including children.

There are no hospitals left in Rafah, including the field hospitals that were set up to manage the overwhelming casualties. When rescue teams and paramedics manage to dig people out of the rubble, they face the perilous task of travelling to the European Hospital in Khan Younis, constantly under threat from unmanned drones that shoot at anyone moving.

An estimated 100,000 Palestinians remain trapped in Rafah amidst this deadly ground invasion. Survivors are in life-threatening situations without any hope of receiving care.

The destruction in Rafah mirrors the devastation seen in Khan Younis. Israel is systematically eradicating all possible means for life to continue within the Gaza Strip. Like the central and northern areas, Rafah is becoming unliveable.

I urge you to support the implementation of immediate sanctions to force a ceasefire, compelling an end to the bombardment and ground invasion.

Additionally, it is crucial to guarantee unimpeded access for humanitarian aid organisations to provide essential support, including food, medical supplies, and shelter. Furthermore, supporting the re-establishment and rebuilding of healthcare facilities and critical infrastructure is essential to ensure that survivors have access to necessary medical care and that life can begin to return to these devastated areas.

The situation in Gaza is beyond dire, with over 1 million Palestinians facing death and starvation by mid-July. We must use our voices to demand immediate action to halt these atrocities and provide the necessary aid and support to the people of Gaza.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

Yours sincerely,
[Your Name]
[Full Address]