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The interim ruling from the ICJ acknowledges there is plausible evidence for Israel committing genocide in Gaza, based on South Africa’s case. While the court continues its investigation and we await a final ruling, it is imperative our government cease all arms sales and licenses to Israel until this verdict is given. Failure to do so implicates our country directly in genocide, and other reported war crimes taking place in Gaza.

As you will know, the International Court of Justice is the highest court in the world and the only one with general and universal jurisdiction. It’s rulings and orders must be observed to uphold international law. Netanyahu has already undermined the integrity of the court, labelling the measures as unnecessary, but as Euromed now reports more than 30,000 of the deaths in Gaza are Palestinian civilians, there is a clear indication that these measures are essential.

Israel has shown no sign of implementing measures to protect Palestinian civilians. Their airstrikes have continued, killing more than 1,000 Palestinians in just six days following the interim ruling. Israel has also also continued to target health facilities, including hospitals in Khan Yunis – the same city where four mass graves have been created to bury civilians. The IDF has also implemented an illegal security checkpoint west of the city, with video evidence of refugee abuse and mistreatment being circulated online.

Aid trucks have more than halved following the ICJ’s ruling – despite explicit calls for the very opposite. Occupation forces have even killed starving Palestinians awaiting these aid trucks in Gaza City. Meanwhile, Israel continues to destroy entire residential infrastructure to create a buffer zone around Gaza, gutting over 15% of its area.

Words are no longer enough. Calling for international law to be upheld is not enough. Calling for restraint is not enough. I therefore implore you to introduce immediate sanctions on Israel to pressure the regime to cease their aggression. The UK government has sanctioned Russia for their assault on Ukraine, setting a precedent for implementing them for Israel’s genocide campaign in Gaza. In almost two years, Russia has killed more than 10,000 Ukrainian civilians. In less than four months, Israel has killed more than 30,000 Palestinian civilians.

When the ICJ finally delivers its verdict, it will also make way for the prosecution of political figures of all levels to be charged with complicity. Therefore it is paramount that every official make a clear and public stand in holding Israel to account for war crimes as they would for any other entity.

Your constituent,