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Sanctions Now: Israel Starving Gaza

Subject: Urgent Action Needed: Man-Made Famine and Forced Starvation in Gaza / Made-Made Famine in Gaza / Israel is Starving Gaza / Starvation as Collective Punishment / Sanctions Now: Israel Starving Gaza / End Israel’s Aid Blockade on Gaza / UN reports Israel using starvation “as a method of war” / Uphold International Law: Let Aid into Gaza

Dear [Elected Official / Candidate’s Name], 

I am writing to bring your urgent attention to the severe and deliberate starvation crisis in the Gaza Strip. For eight months, Israel has imposed a blockade on the flow of food, baby formula, medication, and other essential items. The total siege on Gaza, particularly harsh in the north, has resulted in a man-made famine, where tens of thousands of residents are trapped with little to no access to food.

Alongside relentless bombardments and the deliberate targeting of hospitals, the Israeli military has weaponised starvation against the population, as reported by independent UN investigators. “Israel has used starvation as a method of war, affecting the entire population of the Gaza Strip for decades to come, with particularly negative consequences for children.”

The blockade has left people exhausted, frail, and frequently collapsing due to a lack of food. Hundreds of thousands are now malnourished, surviving on as little as 230 calories a day and resorting to drinking seawater to stay alive. Dr Safiya, the director of Kamal Adwan Hospital, has reported that more than 200,000 Palestinian children in northern Gaza show symptoms of malnutrition.

As the UN report affirms, this is a man-made famine, deliberately orchestrated to wipe out the Palestinian people. On its current trajectory, half the population of Gaza will face death and starvation by mid-July. The situation worsens daily, with a steep rise in malnutrition cases.

I urge you to support an immediate end to the blockade, allowing full access for humanitarian aid organisations to provide essential support. Sanctions must be implemented against Israel for their atrocities, including an end to weapons and military equipment sales and licenses.

We must also see an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories to ensure Israel will no longer control and restrict the flow of aid or trade into Palestine in the future. We must act now to prevent further loss of life and uphold the basic human rights of Palestinians.

Your constituent,
[Your Name]
[Full Address]