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UK Israel Arms Sales

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Dear [MP’s Full Name], 

I am writing to you as a concerned constituent. In light of documented war crimes committed by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories, we must immediately cease all military support and arms sales to Israel. Failure to do so exhibits direct complicity in their crimes.

The Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have both reported on Israel’s breaches of war crimes, and the International Criminal Court has echoed their concerns of the disregard for human life and the rule of law. More than 29,000 Palestinians have been killed, with 40% of those being children, according to Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.

We cannot be complicit and allow this to continue. As my elected official, I call on you to highlight the concerns of your constituents in this parliamentary debate.

The UK is one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world, and that comes with a heavy responsibility of ensuring they are used within international law. Since 2015, the UK has licensed over £470,000,000 of arms sales to Israel – which are likely now being used to commit war crimes. Despite Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, the UK has consistently sold arms to them since 1967. This must stop today.

The evidence of war crimes and experts deeming Israel’s actions as genocide demand immediate action. The sale and licensing of arms to any party involved in such is a violation of our commitment to uphold human rights and international law.

I urge you, as my elected representative, to use your influence to call for an end to arms sales and licences to Israel. This would not only be a demonstration of our commitment to human rights but also a step towards fostering a just and lasting peace in the region.

Your support on this issue will reflect the values of justice and humanitarianism that our local community holds dear. In our commitment to this, I also urge you to call for an immediate ceasefire.

Your constituent,
[Your Full Name]
[Your Full Address]