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Stop Famine in Gaza

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I am writing to you with a deep sense of urgency regarding the imminent famine in Gaza, as highlighted in a recent report by the UN-backed Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC).

The report paints a bleak picture of the food insecurity crisis in northern Gaza, where famine is imminent and 1.1 million people, constituting half of the territory’s population, are facing catastrophic conditions.

Despite warnings issued in December 2023, the necessary conditions to prevent famine have not been met, and the latest evidence indicates that the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

According to the IPC analysis, continued military action and restricted access for humanitarian organisations exacerbate vulnerabilities and severely limit food availability, access to healthcare, water, and sanitation. It is deeply concerning that the famine threshold for household acute food insecurity has already been surpassed, with 70% of the population in northern Gaza classified in IPC Phase 5, indicating famine.

As a concerned citizen, I implore you to take immediate action to address this crisis. It is imperative that sanctions be imposed on Israel to compel a ceasefire, allowing for the unimpeded entry of aid and essential supplies into Gaza. The indiscriminate bombing and blockade have resulted in unimaginable trauma for the children of Gaza, who now face mass starvation. More than 20 children are now reported to have died from malnutrition and dehydration.
Israel continues to disregard the interim ruling and measures from the International Court of Justice; from suppressing aid access, to actively shooting civilians attempting to obtain food and water, and the targeting and bombing of humanitarian aid vehicles.

I echo the sentiments expressed by Rose Caldwell, CEO of Plan International, who rightfully asserted that preventing access to humanitarian aid constitutes a clear violation of international humanitarian law. The deliberate starvation of civilians is not only illegal but also profoundly immoral.

This is genocide, and our government must act.

The reality on the ground contradicts Israel’s claims of facilitating aid delivery. Immediate action is needed to avert a further humanitarian catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. I urge you to use your influence and authority to advocate for the imposition of sanctions on Israel to compel an immediate ceasefire, and the initiation of diplomatic efforts to achieve a lasting peace which ends the illegal occupation.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. I trust that you will act swiftly to alleviate the suffering of the innocent civilians in Gaza.

Your constituent,