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Stop Israel Abducting and Imprisoning Children

Subject: Stop Israel Abducting and Imprisoning Children


I am writing to express my utmost concern and outrage regarding recent reports of Israeli military forces kidnapping babies in Gaza, and the continued abduction and imprisonment of Palestinian children by occupation forces.

A recent incident, where a Palestinian baby girl was forcefully taken from her mother in Gaza and transported to Israel, is deeply distressing. The acknowledgment in a radio interview that an Israeli officer, Harel Itach, was involved in this reprehensible act is alarming. It is particularly troubling that this illegal Israeli settler, who served in the Israeli military during the ongoing genocide in Gaza, is being hailed as a ‘war hero’ in Israel. The Palestinian baby’s whereabouts remain unknown, adding to the distress of her family and the broader community.

The assertion that this abduction was carried out under the guise of rescuing the child from the chaos in Gaza is paradoxical, given that the ongoing genocide of Palestinians is perpetrated by Israeli occupation forces.

The world has also become increasingly aware that hundreds of Palestinian children are being kidnapped with appalling brutality, imprisoned and held hostage in horrific conditions, with alarming video footage and reports pointing to the urgent need for action.

These heinous violations of human rights demand swift and decisive action, and I trust that you will represent the collective voice of your constituents in condemning such atrocities.


Israel is currently holding over 1000 Palestinian children under 16 hostage without trial or due process, some as young as 3. Reports from reputable organisations, including Amnesty International, reveal that children are often detained for extended periods without legal recourse. Save the Children have reported that 86% of children in ‘military detention’ are beaten, and 69% are strip-searched. Children have experienced violence of a sexual nature and some are transferred to court or between detention centres in small cages. Disturbingly, the number of child abductions rose significantly during November’s humanitarian pause. This is deliberate, barbaric and wrong.

Unlawful confinement, torture, rape and other sexual violence of children are War Crimes. 

Footage of the Israeli military arresting and detaining hundreds of Palestinian children across Gaza and the West Bank has circulated in recent days, including a 3 year old boy in Hebron in the West Bank, without trial or due process, where there is also evidence of torture and sexual abuse.

Of the 300 Palestinians Israel designated to be released in November’s humanitarian pause, 270 were children, and 230 had never been convicted. This is beyond appalling. 

Broad Initiatives for Action: Advocacy for an Immediate Government Response

The safety and well-being of these imprisoned innocent children are at stake, prompting our urgent request for your intervention. We propose three broad initiatives: 

  1. Condemnation and Awareness in Parliament:

  • Raise awareness in parliamentary sessions, emphasising the gravity of the situation with evidence from reputable organisations.
  • Collaborate with human rights organisations, prioritising the voices of the affected children.


  1. Legislative and Diplomatic Actions:

  • Establish international partnerships to build a coalition condemning these crimes.
  • Advocate for legal initiatives through collaboration with international criminal law specialists.


  1. Public Engagement and Committee Action:
  •  Engage with the public on the development of actions taken and their progress
  • Leverage parliamentary committees to systematically investigate and address the wider issues of war crimes perpetrated, collaborating with media and communications specialists for comprehensive coverage.


As my elected representative, I urgently request that you use your platform in parliament to advocate for the denouncement and condemnation of the systematic illegal activities perpetrated by Israel against children. Your leadership can make a significant impact in raising awareness and fostering meaningful action. The urgency of this matter cannot be overstated.

I look forward to your response detailing which of these initiatives you agree to carry out. 

I hope that you will not just ignore this letter. 

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.

Your constituent,

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