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The Full Invasion of Gaza City has Begun

Stop the Invasion of Gaza City / Urgent: Gaza City Invasion / Urgent Action Required: Prevent Further Atrocities in Gaza / Immediate Ceasefire Needed in Gaza / Stop the Invasion of Gaza City Now / Sanctions Against Israel to Protect Gaza / Israel's Brutal Invasion of Gaza City Must End / Prevent Further Civilian Deaths in Gaza / Gaza City Under Siege: Call for Immediate Action / Protect Gaza's Civilians: Demand Ceasefire and Sanctions / Urgent: Halt the Massacre in Gaza City / End the Genocide: Immediate Intervention Needed in Gaza

Dear [Elected Official’s Name],

I am writing to express my urgent concern regarding the latest escalation in Gaza City and to call upon you to take immediate and decisive action. The Israeli military has issued evacuation orders, signalling the beginning of another full-scale invasion. The Rafah invasion was described as a red line by world leaders, and yet it was allowed to take place without repercussion, this cannot continue to happen again. This brutal and illegal tactic of forced displacement has left tens of thousands of Palestinians with no safe refuge, further exacerbating the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip. You must not allow these violations of human rights and international law to go unchallenged.

Reports indicate that civilians attempting to evacuate have been shot dead by Israeli forces, including children. Bodies are filling the streets of Gaza City, with at least 30 Palestinians already killed as Israeli soldiers storm the Tal al-Hawa neighbourhood. Such actions highlight the severe brutality of these ground invasions and the blatant disregard for international law and Palestinian lives. Our government must take action.

B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, has called these evacuation orders “absolute madness”. A UN agency has also described how it is impossible for Palestinians to move safely between the north and south of Gaza. Israeli military checkpoints have become sites of execution and imprisonment, where inhumane conditions are reportedly rampant. The Strip is effectively divided, obstructing not only civilian movement but also the efforts of humanitarian workers.

The situation in Shujayea, Gaza City’s second-largest neighbourhood, illustrates the devastating impact of these military operations. Heavy artillery and ground forces have reduced public infrastructure to rubble, leaving residents to return to a scene of destruction and death.

Given Israel’s actions over the past nine months, it is clear that their goal is to make Gaza unliveable. The continuous bombardment, coupled with illegal and inhumane evacuation orders, has exhausted the population, depriving them of food, water, shelter, and medical facilities. Every day without action from the international community enables their continuation.

Israel’s deliberate killings, starvation tactics, enforced displacements, and targeting of UN headquarters and shelter centres constitute egregious war crimes. Each violation underscores a clear intent to eradicate life in the Gaza Strip. These actions must cease immediately.

I urge you to take decisive action, not just through words but by implementing sanctions against Israel to enforce an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. Recognising the state of Palestine and committing to upholding the inalienable human rights of Palestinians are fundamental steps towards peace and adherence to international law. Your active engagement is crucial in preventing further atrocities and ensuring justice for the people of Gaza.

Your constituent,
[Your Name]
[Your Address]