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The UK is bombing Yemen

​​Subject: URGENT: Stop Bombing Yemen – Immediate Action Required

Dear [Local Representative’s Name], 

I write to you as a concerned constituent after reading horrifying reports of the UK joining US airstrikes on Yemen. Further violence will not achieve peace. This requires immediate action and intervention. Your constituents do not stand for this.

Yemen has explicitly said that their targeting of commercial vessels will cease when Israel ends their terror on Gaza. Euro Med Human Rights Monitor reports more than 30,000 Palestinian civilians have been murdered by Israel in recent weeks. Rather than acting to prevent further civilian slaughter in this time, the UK has stood by for almost 100 days.

This latest decision to bomb Yemen shows the UK has no interest in peace or de-escalation, and instead is committed only to more death and destruction. This must end.

Aid agencies have expressed deep concerns about the impact of further bombing on the Yemeni population, especially in a nation striving to end a nine-year civil war. Yemen has long been one of the poorest countries in the world, and has been labelled one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time.

Israel currently stands trial for genocide at the Hague, and additional assistance to Israel only further implicates the UK in these crimes. We must stand all military action down, condemn Israel’s terror and illegal occupation, and call on the international community to commit to a lasting peace in the region.

I implore you to condemn the airstrikes on Yemen publicly and to call on the Prime Minister to cease these actions immediately. The toll on innocent lives everywhere must end.

Moreover, I ask you to use your platform to call for a peaceful and diplomatic resolution to the continued violence, which disproportionately affects Palestinian civilians and children. It is crucial that we advocate for lasting change which addresses the root causes of the tensions. Adhering to international law is crucial to ensure the protection of human rights for all people in the region. An end to the illegal occupation of Palestine is paramount.

I understand the complexity of international relations, but as our elected representative, your voice carries significant weight. We have seen too many local representatives feel they are powerless to make change. This is not true. You have an invaluable responsibility to your country and your constituents to do everything in your power.

I hope that you will take immediate action to address this. Multiple children are being killed every hour. You must make this stop.

Your constituent,

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